Techniques – Emotional Aspect

To achieve the changes you long for in your life, I use techniques recognized for decades, including Hypnosis, ECEP (Express Change of Emotional Perception), Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotic Re-Print Patterns, Regressive Hypnosis, Binaural music, Healing energy and Kinesiology among others. I am well experienced in combining these techniques for your maximum benefit.

I want to tell you about hypnosis, about what it means to be in a hypnotic trance. Have you ever been hypnotized? Chances are you’ll to tell me no, never; however, the first thing you should know about hypnosis is that it is a perfectly natural process in which you live 70% of your awaken time. People go into trance all the time, every day in the most common circumstances, just we don’t call it so… it’s a state where you daydream and experience intense feelings of others’ experiences (movies, books) or from your own past life experiences, while in the here and now. Hypnosis is the gateway to your subconscious mind, where all automatic programs that cause your reactions reside, and where you can make changes.

Now, an interesting thing is that hypnosis is accompanied by a variety of physiological responses, for example, to go into trance many people have a sense of deep relaxation, and that does not mean that you can relax now, so you can understand a trance, all that matters is how your subconscious mind needs to experience when you are ready to learn new things about yourself, while your conscious mind wonders. And against the common belief, in trance you keep listening, talking, even standing and with a hyper alert SC mind to protect you.

Of course, there are many features that can define someone who is entering trance. Often people think of closing their eyes, and you don’t need to close your eyes or lose consciousness of what you hear to know that you are in trance, because many trances occur with wide open eyes and sometimes people simply close their eyes to listen more attentively and understand more clearly.

Some people think that they hand over the control to the hypnotist, for they don’t know that in trance your SC mind is on high alert; that part of the mind that is responsible to protect yourself at all times. So, in this state, you can only receive positive suggestions that are in line with your values and desires. It is simply a state of deep relaxation where your mind learns in deeper different ways. It is an absolute myth that the person is at the mercy of the operator or cannot wake up.

This wonderful technique I came up with is based on the fact that memories are passages of our life. Only a 10% of the actual past facts constitutes a problem; the other 90% is our interpretation of those facts (consciously or not). Where interpretation is negative, it manifests in the body as anger, fear, hate, etc. and causes ab reactions (soma manifestations). The objective of this technique is to transform your negative perceptions of past experiences into positive ones, “disrupting” the mind-body communication that generated the negative reactions, in a permanent and effective way.

What makes ECEP so effective is the combination of several techniques while in hypnotic state. This technique seeks the interruption of the Prana or Qi (Inner energy) that flows inside your body and give life to past experiences emotions again. It’s a variation of tapping in combination with NLP and others to reframe problems that achieves very rapid changes into healthy feelings.

This technique does not require the person to talk about the problem (though, doing so, provides more resources to the therapist), it is sufficient to evoke mentally the issue and “feel” the emotions attached to that problem.

NLP is defined as the ability to structure our neurological and linguistic systems in order to get updates, Neuro is the human nervous system and Linguistics is the verbal and body language we use to communicate. In the words of Richard Bandler, co-creator “is an attitude and methodology that leaves behind a number of techniques”.

NLP is a study of the thought and how the mind generates information. It is a system that helps us understand how we process the world around us. By understanding NLP and how the mind processes information, we are able to use tools to adjust the language in order to create new patterns of behavior.

This is a technique developed by Richard Bandler which along with NLP, aims to transform behavior patterns using NLP while in deep trance, getting faster and forceful changes.

This technique, developed by Dolores Cannon, is based on contacting with the Higher Self (HS) in order to acquire information to heal the body and mind. It is a technique that leads to deeper levels of trance through hypnotic regression to another time and space, it may be in this life or in past lives, in order to be aware, at a SC level, of what causes actual physical and emotional symptoms.

This is a very safe technique, because the Subconscious and Higher Self are present throughout the process and is very safe when the therapist is experienced and well prepared.

It is also a very fast technique that can deliver great results almost immediately (when traditional regression is not delivering the expected results), not only emotional changes, but amazing physical transformations. As with any therapy, the possibility exists that the person, unconsciously, want to keep any pain or disease that represent a secondary gain, manifesting a resistance that limits the results. Although consciously one can ensure that he wants to heal, there is always free will. However, in general, the results are excellent.

Quantum Healing requires 3-4 hours of session time that the person is a sigh, as being in deep trance gives a very pleasant time warp.

The binaural music used throughout the therapy, helps you get faster in the deep levels of relaxation in which your subconscious mind is much more sensitive to positive suggestions that are drive you to achieve what you want, for your maximum benefit, matching your values and your longings for change.

It works by matching your brainwaves with that of deep trance.

Utilizamos dos técnicas, la Sanación QiGong, desarrollada por Chunyi Lin en los Estados Unidos y la técnica de Intuición Visionaria desarrollada por Inna Segal en Australia.

Con el QiGong se logra la armonía energética del cuerpo, “extirpando” los bloqueos de Qi que pueden estar causando un malestar o desbalance. Con esta técnica se trabaja a nivel energético y se logran sorprendentes beneficios físicos.

La Intuición Visionaria es una técnica interactiva que considera la armonía de la energía en los Centros de Energía o Chakras, busca el balance en nuestros cuerpos físico, emocional, mental y anímico eliminando energías densas de los cuerpos energéticos. A partir del conocimiento de los malestares y enfermedades que se manifiestan en el cuerpo, contenidos en su libro El Lenguaje Secreto de tu Cuerpo, y con manipulación energética y manejo de las vibraciones del color, se logran liberar las causas de la somatización.

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