At Armonía y Paz we believe that the cause of 70% of physical problems (except accidents) are the consequence of emotions that started to install in your Sub Conscious (SC) mind, when your heart started to beat in mom´s womb. Since that moment you went through different experiences which were recorded in your mind and linked with an emotion to each of them. During your early childhood, you became a mirror of your parents and tutors. You were a sponge and absorbed everything that happened around you, good or not, even your mother tongue.

This means that you learn to act according to your folks conduct or body language, absorbing their full package: guilt, beliefs about money, limitations, frustration, rage, low affection, sadness, etc. and, as well, fortunately, values and virtues, that developed to become your own sacred “truth” of the world and which created automatic programs in you SC mind and determined your behavior in life, the daily habits and reactions with which you live your everyday.

The emotions anchored in your system became “push buttons” that today trigger unexpected automatic reactions in your physical body and emotional states after a specific experience or someone’s action. When you were born, you were a blank book and every single experience (and it´s linked emotion) was written on that book, which in time became your SC “operation manual”, your unique identity.

Finally, you ended projecting and seeing everything from the created perspective, based on what you have already registered, known and perceived as truths; not necessarily universal truths. Here is where my works comes on stage, with the objective to guide you to change the perception you gave to some experiences that today make you react in an unwanted way, using hypnosis as a vehicle to help you, using different techniques in my toolbox to, from the root, disconnect the unwanted emotion from the experience, guiding your SC to recover it´s freedom.

How we create an unwanted life

An unwanted issue is a “reality” that occurs unexpectedly and successfully from an experience without our awareness of the process that we believe to be true; this “reality” produces results that make us believe that we are that way, instead of we act that way. Because we deal with beliefs, something that should always happen for a change to occur is the breakdown between what we interpret to be a good reaction and a bad one. Regarding healing or change, a collapse between what we judge to be good and bad is necessary to make a change. And the one that will always win is the strongest.

Suppose you are in grief after a dear one passed away. You could believe that that dear one left you. Then someone tells you that the only thing that is not here anymore is the body, and that the soul will always be in you. If this “truth” is acceptable for you, you suddenly will start to change that sadness with joy, as you “feel” that dear one really in your heart, with you.

In Harmony and Peace we have extensive experience in handling these emotional resources, so we are sure we can help you to achieve emotions collapse with positive outcomes, to convert the negative perception, a memory (past experience) into a positive one (peace, joy, love) and, consequently, free yourself from the burden that represented that negative perception.

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