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You can heal and have excellent Comprehensive Health. Science has proven beyond a doubt that the content of our thoughts and emotions directly and immediately affects the structure of our biological chemistry. Based on this statement, science has concluded that we are what we think we are! Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, proved his thesis in his lifetime: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are BOTH right. Perhaps we are aware of this great truth, of the enormous power that the mind has over our body (for better or worse), and yet we continue to struggle with limiting beliefs and negative energies that alter the harmony and well-being of that temple which is our body. Much to our delight, science has also shown that through your mind, your body can manufacture and deliver the precise amount of neurochemicals that can reverse the disease process and cure virtually any health problem. Simply put, the mind is the most powerful pharmaceutical laboratory in the world, giving your body the innate ability to heal itself.


Do you want to…

  • remove anxiety, depression, PTSD and the like?
  • feel very well and at peace?
  • stop eating due to sadness or nerves?
  • break your sugar dependency (sodas, sweets, cakes)?
  • say goodbye to your period’s colic and discomforts?
  • dismiss the anguish and guilt?
  • stop smoking cancer?
  • recover your own VALUE?
  • get rid of asthma or allergies?
  • stop living getting angry about everything?
  • live better your sexuality and increase your libido?
  • rediscover your love and inner power?
  • free yourself from phobias and fears?
  • sleep better?
  • rescue yourself from sadness and grief?
  • close cycles with people or circumstances?
  • stop your divorce/separation affecting your children?
  • empower your kids in studies or sports?
  • get pregnant?
  • improve your professional relationships?
  • increase your self-esteem?
  • make peace with your parents/family/friends?

Once we understand this power of the mind, we can understand the need to turn the negative perception of our memories into positive ones in order to achieve the changes we long for. At Armonía y Paz (Harmony & Peace) we have effective techniques and experience to help you make changes like the ones on this list and many others.

You ask yourself questions like: Why am I a victim of cancer? Why did I give my power to my partner? Why does everything happen to me? Why does everything go wrong? Why have I gained so much weight? Or maybe sometimes you think that everyone is to blame for what happens to you, that you learned that from your parents and you have no other choice, or maybe you feel: I hate it, it screwed up my life…

If your situation is similar… contact us and, in few sessions, you will discover many answers and you will experience profound changes that will lead you to live a happier life.

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